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FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫

服务内容:FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫

概况:FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫 FZPT-500 Type Floating Platform Rubber Vibration and Sound Insulation Mat 永利国际注册网址官方网站为您先容:FZPT-500型酒店浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫信息......

FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫
FZPT-500 Type Floating Platform Rubber Vibration and Sound Insulation Mat


The official website of Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. introduces you: fzpt-500 Hotel floating platform rubber vibration and sound insulation pad information. Songjiang group provides vibration and noise reduction solutions for many star hotels. We launch a floating platform rubber vibration and sound insulation pad product, which can perfectly absorb the vibration and noise upstairs and will not transmit the vibration and noise downstairs, This product perfectly solves some vibration source problems on the floor and roof, such as pump room, machine room, transformer room, roof cooling tower, etc.

一、FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫实物拍照:

FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫

二、FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫安装图纸及参数表:

FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫
FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫

三、FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫施工现场:

FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫

四、FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫先容:
FZPT-500 type floating platform rubber vibration and sound insulation mat is mainly used for vibration and sound insulation of floating layer and power equipment, which can minimize and isolate vibration and noise transmission pollution on building structural parts. The product is mainly made of natural synthetic rubber and the middle nylon nylon skeleton reinforcement layer is molded by high temperature vulcanization. The holes in the lower boss can play a certain role in air vibration isolation and damping. The natural frequency is low, and the vibration and sound insulation effect is relatively low. Good and other advantages.

The product size is 500*500mm (0.25m2/block), and the thickness is 50mm. It can be combined and laid in a large area, which is quick and time-saving. It can also be cut to any size according to engineering needs. It is resistant to acid, alkali, oil, corrosion, mildew, moisture, aging, and flame retardant. The temperature range is -20~90℃, and the damping ratio is ≥0.08.

FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫得到了用户的好评,该产品广泛应用于下列隔振隔声要求高的场合:
办公楼、居民住宅楼、医院 、学校试验室等楼面隔声。
This product is widely used in the following occasions with high requirements for vibration and sound insulation:
Floating structure sound insulation for broadcasting, film and television, recording, broadcasting, studios, etc.
Sound insulation of office buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, school laboratories, etc.
Sound insulation on the floor of sports and entertainment venues such as song and dance halls, band performances, and martial arts halls.
Vibration and sound insulation in various equipment rooms.

五、FZPT-500 型浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫展会现场:

FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫
FZPT-500型 浮筑平台橡胶隔振隔声垫


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